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1 BeatDox's MPF App on Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:21 pm


[Out-Of-Character Information]

Steam Name:BeatDox
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:54098713


What is it meant by the phrases

OOC:Out Of character: Things which are'nt Involed with in game

IC:In character: Things which are Involed with in game rp

NLR:New Life Rule: You Remember nothing from your past life and your a completely diffrent person

RDM:Ramdom Death Match: Kiling some one with out Reason

Metagame:Grabbing Ooc things into Ic Thing etc: Liam:ooc) Lol Love being a rebel. Cp:ic)Goes
to Liam and shoot him because of the text and nothng else

Powergame:Force Actions onto people Etc: Runs up to the man and swings his fist

How does the Combine Civil Authority work on the server? They Work a large groups, The Communicate with radio codes than talking the words out,they work for Justice for the combine

What purpose does this faction hold in the lore and the server its self? They Are Aliens who are very strong and conker Places in a blink of the eye.

How does the Union work in the servers lore? The union are there stop humans and combine form clashing heads which other, It offers the humans a better conditions so they wont fight back

What is your reason for wanting to be apart of this faction? The Reason why I want to join this faction for many things but one of them is to give justice to the combine and to stop rebel scum. I was want to join because I think my skills will be need'ed to assist the combine in there plans.

Why do you deserve this role in the faction? I think I deserve this role because I have been this tole many times in the past (phyrex) and I want to do it agen because of the amount of fun I had last time!

[Character Information]

Full Name:Will Adams


Birth Location:England

Physical Traits:Male|Age:21|5'8|Is Very Strong And Can Take A Punch|Speeks German And

English|Blue Jumpsuit||Brown Shoes|A Old Rag Wraped Around His Right Leg|

Previous Occupation:Was an engineer.

Previous Experience:Making vehicles and Weaponry

Current Family Members:Jane Adams(mother) Jhon Adams (Dad)

Purpose for joining:I want to join because I want to make the city a safer and Easyer place to live.I will try my very best to serve as a mpf and  will make the cityzens more obaying to the combine, by doing this we wont have to beat them and they'll live a better live. I will try to get rid of any problems (rebels) which are affecting the city.

Character Backstory (3 Paragraphs Minimum):Will was a simple person, he was a mechanic working in a workshop which was owned by a very rich person. Before the 7 hour war he fixed a large variety of vehicles.But unlike anyone else will work'ed on a project that he never thought he would do.Some one that his boss knew need some one to fix a helicopter and that was wills chance to show what he had got.

He spent Over 3 weeks trying to fix the helicopter, and after them free weeks he succeeded. will's bosses friend Was amazed what will had done.He had never saw as good work in his life. So Will got the reward, the reward was a large amount of money which wasn't need'ed. Will refused the offer but the bosses friend insisted.

Although will denied the reward because he wasn't worthy of it the bosses friend offered him something else. Will was gave a brand new Car with tools with a side. Sadly will never got to use the car or the tools because of the 7 hour war. To This day he regrets what he had turn downed and think for a better future...


You're caught up in a warehouse with three fellow dispatch units, however one of them is shot and the other two have got scared and hidden away from the door with the rebellion firing multiple rounds at the building. What do you do? I call for backup and try to patch up the unit who got shot, after I Would try fire some rounds into the Rebels

A civilian runs towards you, they're shouting out; "Help, I've been hurt!" they appear to be covered in blood and have no weapons visible, what do you do? I call for any units around or use my radio to call for a backup and go to the person and clear the area form any people around him and await backup

A unit radios in, "10-108! 10-20 is Norgidian Warehouse, Code 34S!" How do you respond via radio and react while being in the nexus? I would Radio in 11-99 OID 10-20 Norgidian Warehouse Code 34s.

When on a slums patrol you encounter a small child that appears to be below the ages of seventeen, he wears scruffy clothes. He just stands there idle, looking at you. How do you react? I would Stair at the child and then I would amputate him

After you've been accepted you have been left in the nexus without any guidance and it seems rather empty, you've not been give any instructions or a uniform set. How do you continue? I would go back to the neus and wait for a higher rank to train me

You're currently in the barracks, a set of sirens go off with a emergency message emitting, "Infection breach, all dispatch units move towards the front post!" It continues to repeat and as you get out of your barracks one of your fellow units appears to be acting irrational, seemingly showing signs that of someone going AWOL. There is no nearby weapons,Push him to the wall and till him to get a grip with him self.

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2 Re: BeatDox's MPF App on Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:16 pm


Site Manager
Site Manager
Your back story need to have 2 more paragraphs.

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3 Re: BeatDox's MPF App on Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:15 pm

Please dont use my sentences to your app.

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4 Re: BeatDox's MPF App on Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:19 pm


I did'nt

Thank you. and plus proff please

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5 Re: BeatDox's MPF App on Mon Jul 27, 2015 3:44 pm


Accepted Ask an admin ingame for your whitelist.

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