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cy-dome Application

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1 cy-dome Application on Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:33 pm

Steam Name:Cy-Dome
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:60119691


What is it meant by the phrases
OOC: Out of character
IC:In character
NLR: New life rule
RDM: Random death match
Metagame: Using ooc info ingame ect: Mcswaggin OOC:H'lol our base is inside the plaza Combine:Ic Comes to door and kills all.
Powergame:Forcing a action on someone: /me Kicks in nuts: Then punches him for damage

How does the Combine Civil Authority work on the server? There a large group of people who use radios and are very advanced and serve justice.
What purpose does this faction hold in the lore and the server its self? It provides humans with safe and nice living conditions so that they feel the same and not under treated
How does the Union work in the servers lore? Being able to stop combine and humans to attack eachother, or starting wars even after the 7 hour one.
What is your reason for wanting to be apart of this faction? I feel that the lack of combine is making it boring and this will improve the server.
Why do you deserve this role in the faction? I spend several hours on the server most days and i rp very well. I believe i do deserve it.

[Character Information]

Full Name:Shaun Harris
Birth Location: England
Physical Traits:Brown hair and eyes he has a scar across his eye. Normally wears average clothes
Previous Occupation:Engineer
Previous Experience:Engineer,computer editer and maker.
Current Family Members:None.
Purpose for joining: To protect citizens and stop anti-citizens
Character Backstory (3 Paragraphs Minimum): Born on the 27/05/1987, he was a average child attending a average school. His favorate classes being art and technolagy, he frived inside those 2 classes and thought why not. Once he had completed collage he went on to design a computer and some electronic devices before learning the ways of mechanics and making and designing a car. He had a family with his loving wife Jane Mcenzi and 2 kids, one girl the other a boy. When the combine invaded earth he was split up from his family and his kids killed in cold blood. He obeys the combine but has a secret under his sleeve. Good with tools and can easily wire up things. As a engineer he fixed cars, and one unlikely thing. A helicopter!


You're caught up in a warehouse with three fellow dispatch units, however one of them is shot and the other two have got scared and hidden away from the door with the rebellion firing multiple rounds at the building. What do you do? I grab the other two units and call for back up over the radio, once backup arrives from behind the rebels i get the two units to shoot from the side while i shoot from the front and the backup shoot from behind, if i can i will bandage the wounded units leg up and wait for backup to help him

A civilian runs towards you, they're shouting out; "Help, I've been hurt!" they appear to be covered in blood and have no weapons visible, what do you do? I say "Stop right there" And ask them whats happend, i make them face the wall and then check where they ran from. If they are lying i will arrest them and check for evidence

A unit radios in, "10-108! 10-20 is Norgidian Warehouse, Code 34S!" How do you respond via radio and react while being in the nexus? I would grab my gear, radio in copy and get going with any other units to the location

When on a slums patrol you encounter a small child that appears to be below the ages of seventeen, he wears scruffy clothes. He just stands there idle, looking at you. How do you react? I pull out my pistol and tell them to get against the wall. I then continue to say amputate and get a clean, clear headshot.

After you've been accepted you have been left in the nexus without any guidance and it seems rather empty, you've not been give any instructions or a uniform set. How do you continue? Walk back to the nexus and wait for a higher grade to train me.

You're currently in the barracks, a set of sirens go off with a emergency message emitting, "Infection breach, all dispatch units move towards the front post!" It continues to repeat and as you get out of your barracks one of your fellow units appears to be acting irrational, seemingly showing signs that of someone going AWOL. There is no nearby weapons, what do you do? Push him against the wall and tell him to get a hold of himself, if he acts stranger i report this and ask for backup.

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2 Re: cy-dome Application on Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:18 pm


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You need two more paragraphs for your backstory.

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