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1 Donations! on Fri Jul 24, 2015 11:02 pm


£5 Donation (TierI)
- PE flags (Physics Gun, Entity Spawning)
- Forum Donor Rank
- Custom Forum Title
- Ingame Donor Rank

£15 Donation (TierII)
- Everything from the $5 donation
- 500 tokens for one character in the City Server
- Access to a Scanner character (If you have CCA)
-Ability to ICly apply for OTA(Note, interview required.)
-Ability to ICly apply for CWU(Note, interview required.)

£25 Donation (TierIII)
- Everything from the £5 and £15 donation
-Ability to have a instant rank up to 01 (If you have CCA)
- Ability to ICly apply for CCA Application in City RP
- 1000 tokens for one character in the City Server
- Necrotic Whitelist (Note, interview required.)

When donating you're agreeing to the following;

I understand that I will not be given a refund 24 hours after donating, if you ask for it back after this time you will not be refunded.

I understand that if I'm incorrectly using these benefits given to me then I will have them removed and given back at a later date.

I understand that even though I have donated I'm still expected to follow within the rules and will still be vulnerable to bans.

I understand that these benefits are given more as special additions and can be changed or removed at anytime.

How to donate-

Step one. Log into your paypal, if you do not have an account it is simple to make.

Step two. Click on send and request at the top.

Step three. Choose send to family or friends.

Step four. Put in the email where it tells you to.

Step Five. Send the amount of you wish to send, if you do not send they correct amount say you send £7 you will get the £5 package as it has to be the exact amount.


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