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Joseph Dawn Veinschneiders Civil Workers Union Application.

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Full Name: Joseph Dawn Veinschneider
Citizen identification(CID):
Last Assigned Apartment Number:Dont have one
Total Loyalist Points: 0
Sex: Male
Age: 36

How long have you been in the City:
I have lived in City 17 for around four years now. I was transferred from City Eight to here. I like it a little bit more as the City Eight used to remember me of my past in New York City...

Why do you want to join the CWU?:
I want to join the CWU to receive a better life as a Citizen of City 17 and the Universal Union. Life has been pretty hard for me, but now being on the better side of the Civil Protection, life is becoming more clear. I want to serve the Universal Union the best way I know how to do. The CWU will allow me to do so; allowing me to fully show and even hone my skills, which would hopefully turn me into a better citizen.

Have you ever been detained before?(If so why):
I have never been detained.

Past experience with work/labor:
When I was a small child in Germany, I used to be a newspaper boy. During college in Columbia (In New York City), I had a side job working in Burger King. I didn't make much, but it was enough. After my residency, I worked as a Doctor, working for my own private office as a General Surgeon and a Emergency Surgeon in the Columbia Hospital. This was a common practice for Doctors at my time.

Name 4 things the CWU Can possess, and 4 things we cant. Also state why.:
   The CWU is allowed to posses all legal items deemed under the Universal Union. There are a wide array of items the CWU can own. One of them being UU branded food. These foods can be UU branded Tea, UU Branded Coffee, UU Branded Milk, UU Branded Noodles, etc. UU Branded items are considered fit for citizens. These items are fit to keep the peace and a civilized nation. Other items can include flashlights and back-bags. These items can be used to help make a citizen's life a bit easier. Other items can include request devices. These can keep every citizen safe and keep the peace around the city. Finally, there are medical items that can be used to save citizen's lives. These items could include items such as bandages.
     Most of these items can be sold by CWU workers for a set amount of UU branded tokens. Though the Universal Union is alike to Central Planned Economy, the CWU does give a small boost to the economy in the Universal Union.                                                                                
      Though the CWU can posses a wide array of items, there are some items that the CWU may not posses. These items can include firearms. Firearms are very dangerous, which can break the peace the Civil Protection so dearly tries to hold. Firearms only cause violence, which the CWU is against. The same would go for explosives, and ammunition for said firearms. The CWU also cannot posses non-UU Branded food and other items. These items cannot be possesed by the CWU as it disrupts, as I will restate again, the peace the Civil Protection so dearly tries to hold. Non-UU branded items such as alcohol can hurt the population and disrupt the peace.
    In conclusion, the CWU posses certain items and does not posses certain items in order to keep the peace and making life for every law-abiding citizen a little bit easier.

Tell us about what you can do.:
The small jobs I had when I was younger give me little abilities compared to my main profession as a Surgeon. Being a General Surgeon in the Private field and a Emergency Surgeon in Columbia Hospital, I have experience in the medical field. Medicine is the best and only thing I know, besides eating, speaking, sleeping, and other necessary tasks for living. Sure, I could do some simple commerce, but to practice medicine, the way I feel, is the reason why I was placed on this Earth.

If a citizen asks for help and is new to the city, what would you do?:
First, I would greet him to City 17. I would show him the landmarks around, restricted areas off limits to him, jobs you could do in the city, and other various things. I would make sure he would feel safe in the City, as that would be my job, making every citizen's life a little bit easier. If he was hungry, I would offer him some food. If he was thirsty, I would offer him something to drink. I would tell him some of the simple laws he must follow and tell him where he would be able to sleep at night. Then, if I he had any other questions, I would answer them. Finally, I would let him off into City 17 but if he ever needed help, I would tell him I would always offer help while still abiding by the law.

Name:Careless On Dayz
Timezone:Dont know lel
Roleplay Experience: Three Years if you include SAMP RP
Serious Roleplay Experience: Two Years if you include Serious SAMP RP and obviously GMOD RP. I led the CWU Medical Division on Bit-Block Gaming until it recently came to its inevitable end.
Detail a regular day as a worker of the CWU?:
**It is Six O'Clock AM and an alarm goes off**
 "Ugh," I groaned, "Another day, another day to save a life." I got up from my bed and walk to the bathroom of my apartment.  I then looked in the mirror. The morning groggy feel started to fade away as I splashed some water on my face. The cold water alerted my face; rejuvenating my dry lips and waking my eyes from the deep abyss it was in for the last seven hours. I walked to my dressing cabinet and got my CWU uniform. I saw the wrinkles in the clothing. I quickly ironed my uniform and the quickly put it on. My Commanding worker called me on the radio saying, "Joe, it's time to get to work, get to the HQ asap." I replied, "On my way sir." I walked out of my apartment and locked the door. Walking down the stairs I noticed a another citizen walking down to the lobby of the building too. I said, "Good morning." She replied back the same way. I did this as random act of kindness as I know that it will always turn back to me in a good way. Because of this, she opened the door for me. The warm friendliness I try to apply to City 17 will always make a better place for every citizen here. Stepping out of my apartment, I can felt the fresh air, as I do every day. I walked towards the nearby Water Vending Machine. I inserted a few tokens and pop'ed open a can of Breen Water as I walk to my destination. I drank some of the water before I pick up my suitcase again and go to the HQ. I then inserted my CWU ID card into the scanner. The door alarm made a small beeping sound allowing me to open the door.
   I walked into the facility and started the regular, usual day. I opened up my briefcase, taking out my daily lunch and my supplies. Laying them on the table, a fellow worker helped me set up for the day. Being kind to your fellow man always helps you out in the end. A few hours later a Civil Protection Officer stormed in through the door with a civilian with numerous wounds. I could see serious chest trauma, and so did my assistant. "Get him on ventilation asap," I yelled, "I need Epie 10,000s on the side immediately!" I immediately took a deep breath in and said, assure the ABCs (A = Airway with cervical spine control, B = Breathing, and C = Circulation with control of bleeding). I attached a cardiac monitor to the patient immediately. The sucking chest wound started to overflow the desk the patient was laying on with blood. I kept monitoring for a collapsed lung while my assistant put dressing on the wound. I saw immediate heart failure so I yelled at my assistant to immediately give the patient a 10,000 to give some life into the heart. The IV needle was pop'ed into the patient's artery in his right arm. His heart started to improve, but I knew that this would only be temporary. The officer yelled at me saying, with his deep vo-coder, "This is a POI, I need him patched up now!" I replied saying, "I will try my best sir." I attempted to use a nearby BVM to stop the lung failure, but it was too much for the patient. The lungs stopped and the whole room went silent. I felt like throwing the BVM across the room, but I stopped myself and stood vigilant. The Civil Protection Officer said, "Well, you did the best you could, dispose of the body." My team was able to use some of the left over organs as useful for a possible near future situation. I dropped my BVM in anger and kicked the hospital bed the dead patient was laying on. I did all this in anger, but a fellow worker told me, "I did the best I knew how to do." With rewards, you must take failures. This job is hard, as everyday you have no idea what will come through that door.  

Character Backstory:
 Joseph Dawn Veinschneider was born on 1976, January twenty-second in Cologne, Germany. He was born in West Germany, the EU occupied area during the Cold War. His mother died attempting to pass the wall to bring Joseph to see his grandparents. Luckily, Joseph was safe and was picked up as an orphan by a regular Middle Class family. His father was named Paul and his mother named Rosa. Joseph wasn't blessed with a rich family, so he had to work for everything he had. When he was a small child he worked has a paper boy, delivering papers to his whole community. He even did this until he was a teenager. The thing that stopped Joseph from being a newspaper salesman for all his life was his interest in math and science. His favorite subject of all was biology. He was fascinated in how the normal human being worked and that interest sparked his strive to achieve a job in the medical field. His parents saw his interest and partially funded for him to go to Columbia Medical School after he finished college. In order to pay off some of his student loans, after moving to New York, Joseph payed off some of his heavy loans by working at a nearby Burger King on the side. After his specialty and residency and years of hard work, Joseph finally received the title as Doctor and was able to practice General Surgery privately and Emergency Surgery in Columbia hospital. He made good money, but it wasn't comparable to the amount of fame he received  from being a doctor.
     During the Seven Hour War, Joseph was on his Emergency Surgeon shift. Reports were coming in that ER lines were packed. Lines appeared to come from outside of the hospital. Joseph attempted to repair even the slightest wounds, but the stress was too much for him. He 'threw in the towel' due to the amount of stress and, being scared for his life, tried to flee the city during the middle of the war. After the complete destruction of the UN building and destroying of Manhattan, Joseph was one of the few survivors. He was sent to City Eight. Now, Joseph lives in City 17, waiting to see if he can again, "Do the best thing he knows how to do."

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