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Dr. Wallace Breen's MpF app.

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1 Dr. Wallace Breen's MpF app. on Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:59 pm

[Out-Of-Character Information]

Steam Name: Dr. Wallace Breen.
Steam ID:0:1:65333364


What is it meant by the phrases
OOC:Out of character
IC:In character
NLR: New life rule
RDM: Random deathmatch
Metagame: Showing everybody the location of somebody.
Powergame: Forcing a /me

How does the Combine Civil Authority work on the server?: They protect the Citizens of the city and make sure there are no Rebellions/Anti-citizens throughout the city/slums.
What purpose does this faction hold in the lore and the server its self?: The CCA are aliens that invaded earth and had a 7 hour war.
How does the Union work in the servers lore?: The union is a faction of combine units I think.
What is your reason for wanting to be apart of this faction?: I want this whitelist to enjoy the roleplay of being a unit. not to abuse my powers but to be a great roleplayer. I will fight crime and serve justice. I will never let my guard down. I will serve the union until death. and I will clear this city of anti-citizens/rebelions.
Why do you deserve this role in the faction?: Because I am a great RP'er when you get to know me and I am great with the role of a unit.

[Character Information]

Full Name: John Shepard.
D-O-B: 1989 October 22
Birth Location: Texas
Physical Traits: Good accuracy, Good amount of agility, Very fast, Strong and can withstand most pain others can't, Good amount of will . (Never give up)
Previous Occupation: I was a CWU member.
Previous Experience: Nova 04, Jury 03, Sword DvL, Nova DvL,
Current Family Members: All deceased.
Purpose for joining: My purpose is to fight crime I've always wanted to do that when I was young and now it's that chance. Also to serve the almighty Union and Administrator because I feel like they're making this place better. Not only that but to serve justice and to clear this city of anti-citizens/rebelions.
Character Backstory (3 Paragraphs Minimum): John shepard grew up in Texas. He was raised by his Mum and Dad both names Lisa Shepard and John Shepard. He grew up in a 2 story high house. A couple of years later when the combine came his mum and dad were shot to death by a group of rebelions. I do not know the reason for this. He then thought to himself. "I need to solve this once and for all"

He was then transported to city 18 a couple of days later dressed up in citizen clothing. He then bought an apartment while capturing a glimpse in the corner of his eye. A group of rebelions running over a bridge and he thought "I need to apply that's the best chance I have right now. He then unpacked his clothing and went for a walk meeting many people. Haha the nice ones. He then met a girl. Shortly after he discovered that she was a rebelion and was heartbroken. He made his way over to his apartment.

He began righting down the apply thinking of how his life would have a sudden turn once he did this. Not giving a shi- Not giving a toss he writen it down and handed it in.


You're caught up in a warehouse with three fellow dispatch units, however one of them is shot and the other two have got scared and hidden away from the door with the rebellion firing multiple rounds at the building. What do you do?: Radio in the location and say it's a code red. Then I would go over to the downed unit giving him a medkit/vial. I would then grab anything in the room to make a cover. I would then go to the hiding units and grab them by the collar telling them to be a man. trying to convince them to fight ofcourse. I would get in cover waiting for backup.

A civilian runs towards you, they're shouting out; "Help, I've been hurt!" they appear to be covered in blood and have no weapons visible, what do you do?: I tell them to stop and turn around. I radio it in. Tie the citizen, Can't take any chances might be a trap. Then drag him into some cover just on the safe side. I call a Jury unit and try to kep him conscious while the Jury unit arrives supplying the citizen with a medkit or health vials.

A unit radios in, "10-108! 10-20 is Norgidian Warehouse, Code 34S!" How do you respond via radio and react while being in the nexus?

When on a slums patrol you encounter a small child that appears to be below the ages of seventeen, he wears scruffy clothes. He just stands there idle, looking at you. How do you react?

After you've been accepted you have been left in the nexus without any guidance and it seems rather empty, you've not been give any instructions or a uniform set. How do you continue?

You're currently in the barracks, a set of sirens go off with a emergency message emitting, "Infection breach, all dispatch units move towards the front post!" It continues to repeat and as you get out of your barracks one of your fellow units appears to be acting irrational, seemingly showing: I get infront of him giving him a meat shield to make him non scared. I then try to calm him down with some wrods and that the enemies will be slow and easy to tackle. I then give him a bit of ammo.

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2 Re: Dr. Wallace Breen's MpF app. on Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:21 pm


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