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Civil Workers' Union Application format

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1 Civil Workers' Union Application format on Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:17 pm


Site Manager
Site Manager
Full Name:
Citizen identification(CID):
Last Assigned Apartment Number:
Total Loyalist Points:

How long have you been in the City:

Why do you want to join the CWU?:

Have you ever been detained before?(If so why):

Past experience with work/labor:

Name 4 things a Civil Workers Union member Can possess, and 4 things we cant. Also state why:

Tell us about what you can do:

If a citizen asks for help and is new to the city, what would you do?:

Out Of Character Section

Roleplay Experience:
Serious Roleplay Experience:
Detail a regular day as a worker of the Civil Workers Union?:

Character Backstory:

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